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When to Turn to an Attorney for Help with Social Security Disability in Mayville, WI

A disability impacts every area of a person’s life. When he or she is no longer able to work, funds can run short very quickly. For this reason, individuals in this situation often choose to turn to Social Security disability.

Anyone who has paid into the system over the years may be eligible for benefits, but people are often turned down when they apply. For this reason, the need may arise to contact a lawyer who handles cases involving Social Security Disability in Mayville WI. When should this type of professional be contacted and why?

When to Contact an Attorney

Most social security disability attorneys will speak to a person for free and provide information on the strength of the case. For this reason, anyone who is considering filing a claim should meet with an attorney who handles these cases.

Furthermore, most attorneys working on social security disability cases take a percentage of the back pay owed to the applicant as their fee for taking the case. The sooner a person works with an attorney to get the claim approved, the less he or she will owe in fees, in most cases.

Why Contact an Attorney

People often wonder why they should retain an attorney when they can file the application on their own. The odds of the application being approved the first time increase significantly when a lawyer is involved. History has shown this to be the case.

The attorney ensures the paperwork is filled out and filed correctly and all necessary documentation is provided. In addition, he or she helps the client present the facts that are most persuasive in showing the level of disability. Furthermore, if the claim is denied, the attorney helps to collect any medical evidence supporting the claim, drafts any briefs that are needed and more.

Consider turning to an attorney that handles claims involving Social Security Disability in Mayville WI before you file a claim with this agency. Although you can do it on your own, it’s better to obtain legal help to speed the process and minimize the risk of the claim being denied. Contact QBS Law ( to set up a consultation today. The information obtained during this meeting will be priceless as the process moves forward. You can also visit them on Google My Business.