FAQs About Obtaining Bonds And Common Stipulations

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Lawyer

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In Georgia, criminal defendants receive details about their bail value from the judge. The arraignment process is conducted to charge the defendant with the crime officially. During the proceedings, the judge determines whether or not the defendant is a flight risk. If not, a bail value is set. A local bail bondsman provides a Bail Bond in Douglasville GA for qualifying defendants.

Why are Bail Bonds Beneficial?

Bail bonds don’t require the criminal defendant to pay the full balance of their bail to gain a release from jail. The bondsman requires a small percentage of the total value. The defendant’s bond is sent to the courthouse by the bondsman, and arranges are made. The defendant and/or their representative don’t have to do anything beyond pay the required value.

Is the Defendant Released Immediately?

No, the bondsman gets an approval from the judge for the defendant’s release and brings it to the county jail. The correctional officers must complete out-processing for the inmate before they are released from the jail. In most cases, it is completed in less than an hour. All personal belongings are returned to the inmate, and a few forms are signed. The bondsman provides details about the defendant’s release that he or she is required to follow.

How Do Defendants Contact Bondsmen?

Bondsmen visit county jails frequently to determine if defendants need to purchase a bond. The correctional officers provide the inmates with information about local bondsmen. The inmate has the option to use the phone to call a bondsman from the county jail if he or she doesn’t have legal representation.

What Happens if the Defendant Doesn’t Appear in Court?

Any collateral used to secure the bail bond is seized by the bondsman. It doesn’t matter if the property is valued at a price beyond the cost of the bail. The defendant or their representative won’t receive any payment that reflects the difference in values. The bail bond is revoked by the judge.

In Georgia, criminal defendants have the right to bail based on previous convictions and the current charges. Defendants charged with the most dangerous of crimes are less likely to receive bail. A bail bondsman negotiates with the judge for defendants who are eligible. Defendants who need information about a Bail Bond in Douglasville GA Browse the Website right now.