Top Tips on Getting Your Driver’s License Reinstated in Chicago

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Lawyer

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Losing your driver’s license, no matter what the reason, can be a giant inconvenience. Luckily, there is usually still a chance that you can have it reinstated. Here are some tips on having things ready before you sit for the administrative hearings Chicago.

Read the Notice of Suspension

As soon as the notice of suspension arrives in the mail, it is crucial to open it and read it. The letter will tell you exactly why your license is being suspended as well as what steps you need to take to remedy the situation. However, it is not uncommon for the language in the letter to be confusing for some or for the letter to refer to actions where you will most likely need legal help.

Hire a Lawyer

While you may think an attorney is expensive, it can be far more expensive in the long run to live without a driver’s license. An attorney will be able to help you navigate all the confusing legal jargon as well as file all of the time-sensitive forms on time. Failure to submit forms on time is one of the biggest reasons that people do not fare so well at the administrative hearings Chicago.

Pay Your Fines

If you do not pay your fines, there is no chance that you will be able to get your suspended driver’s license reinstated. Even if you have to take out a loan to do so, it will be worth it in the end.

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