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by | Mar 2, 2021 | Lawyer

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There are times when a guardianship must be appointed to make legal decisions regarding finances and other duties in the even a person becomes incapacitated at some point in the future. Guardianship could also be granted to a family member if a minor’s parents die or become unable to make decisions and handle tasks. This can be a tricky law process to navigate alone,learn where to get expert legal advice and counsel from a guardianship attorney in Jacksonville, FL.

A Guardian May Be Required if Inheritance Funds Exceed Legal Limits

When a minor child inherits large funds, this might require the appointment of a guardian if the funds exceed what the current legal limits are in Florida or whichever state the child or guardian reside. This is meant to protect the interests of the child financially. Parents can dictate their wishes as to who should be the guardian in the wills and other pertinent legal estate planning documentation.

Guardianship Can Be Voluntary or Involuntary

Some states will allow a person to appoint their own guardian even if they are still able to handle their financial decisions according to law. This is often done when a parent feels that they are not capable of doing the right job needed, and they may appoint an adult child, other relatives, or an organization to oversee these duties any way. Guardianships that are involuntary must meet strict state legal regulations.

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