Tips to Follow Before Hiring a Social Security Lawyer in Grand Haven

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Lawyers

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When a health problem prevents someone from working, they may have a hard time understanding their options. A person may wonder whether they can live without working, or if they can continue to visit their doctor without health coverage. Below are some of the considerations a client should make before they stop working because of a disability.

Know Worker’s Rights

If someone is employed, they may have benefits such as FMLA, sick leave, long- or short-term disability insurance, and extended health coverage. US law requires employers to provide a list of plan details and employee benefits upon request. When clients know their rights, it’s easier to work with a and.

Talk to a Doctor

Clients should have a frank discussion with their doctors, telling them that they’re unable to work and they intend to file a disability claim. Every day, hardworking people assume that their doctors know that their health conditions prevent them from working. However, that’s not always the case. Doctors see many patients, and because they’re so busy, they depend on patients’ reports. At each doctor’s appointment, accurately list symptoms, so they’re reported to the SSA.

Learn the Monthly Benefit Amount

Many clients don’t know their benefit amount, and they’re unaware that it isn’t meant to replace their income. The SSA allows claimants to create an account and download their earnings statement, which makes tracking easy. While it’s not always easy to predict a disability, it’s simple to learn what level of income can be expected.

Explore Available Resources

It’s impossible to plan for every potential outcome, including disability. If someone is experiencing a disability for the first time, they’re likely unaware of the resources that are available to individuals with financial needs. Food assistance, employment support, counseling, Medicaid, and more are all there to help those who have had to stop working because of a disability.

As shown here, there are numerous considerations to make when filing for disability. A Social Security Lawyer in Grand Haven can offer the information clients need to empower themselves and their families during tough times. Call today or visit to for a free consultation.