Starting a Claim with an Injury Attorney in Fort Collins

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Legal Exclusive

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In Colorado, personal injury cases are managed according to the type of event that produced the victim’s injuries. The laws require claimants to follow specific guidelines based on the type of case. An injury attorney in Fort Collins guides the victim through the process based on their type of personal injury claim.

The Origin of the Injuries

The origin of the injuries define what procedures the victim or their family follows when filing a legal claim. For example, if a traffic accident led to a traumatic brain injury, the victim or their family must follow the state’s tort system. Under the system, an at-fault driver must be identified and evidence must show their liability.

How Severe Are the Injuries?

A traumatic brain injury introduces more severe liabilities in an auto accident case. The injuries require more extensive medical care, and the costs exceed standard auto liability coverage. The effects of the brain injury could lead to permanent admission into a nursing care facility for the victim. The injuries define further financial requirements in the future. The at-fault driver faces more extensive damages if the victim wins their case.

What Type of Losses Did the Victim Incur?

The victim or their family present their losses in their legal claim, which include financial damages such as medical expenses or funeral costs if the victim dies. The children or spouse of the victim also seek compensation for the loss of financial support. The losses could equate to lifetime earnings for the victim.

What Comes Next?

Once all evidence is secured, the legal claim is filed with the court. The county schedules a trial date for the case. The judge and/or a jury makes a determination about the driver’s liability. If the claimant wins, the court defines how they receive their financial damages.

In Colorado, personal injuries are often the result of negligence or a criminal act. The victim files a legal claim to seek financial damages based on the effects of their injuries. The case includes medical evidence and witness depositions that explain what happened and how the defendant is accountable. Victims who need to file a claim should contact an injury attorney in Fort Collins or Visit the website for more info now.