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Social Security Disability Lawyers In Luzerne County PA Can Help You Navigate The Process

Are you unable to remain gainfully employed due to a physical or emotional impairment that will last for twelve months or more? If you answered yes, Social Security Disability Lawyers in Luzerne County PA can help. Disability lawyers offer a free consultation for clients who need legal assistance to file a claim with the Social Security Administration.

Applying for disability might look easy to do alone, but the fact is, most applicants are denied on their first attempt. One simple error in the application process will cause it to be rejected. This can be very frustrating for an individual who has been unable to work and needs a source of income.

Difference Between Social Security Disability, SSD, And Social Security Income, SSI

There is a large difference between SSD and SSI. SSD provides a much higher benefit than SSI because the amount of the benefit is based off an individual’s earning throughout their life. SSI provides payments for individuals who do not have a long work history or have very little income.

Can An Applicant Work When They Apply For Disability?

The Social Security Administration will look at whether an individual is currently working and if they’re able to perform any previous job. They look at many factors, including the individual’s education, skills, and physical and mental capabilities.

Type Of Impairment

The next step of the Social Security Administration’s process is to determine if the applicant has an impairment that’s on their list. They make a determination whether an applicant meets or equal the disability they’re applying for. The disability office will review an applicant’s testimony, an applicant’s doctors’ testimony and any testimony received from the Social Security doctor.

Before Meeting With An Attorney

An applicant should document work and earning history, education, skills, the impairment that’s causing the disability, a date when an applicant became disabled and a list of the doctors and medical treatment that was received. All of this information should be taken to the free consultation with Social Security Disability Lawyers in Luzerne County PA.

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