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Contact Family Law Lawyers in Springboro, OH for the Legal Information You Need

Family law is one of the most difficult cases for the parties involved. Determining which party is going to remain in the home or have custody of the children can be extremely difficult. With the help of family law lawyers in Springboro, OH, an individual can make decisions based on the law and not on their emotions.

Not all attorneys are the same. An attorney can have a law degree, but they also need the proper amount of experience representing clients with family law cases. The laws can change quickly, and an experienced family law attorney will be knowledgeable about changes and how they can affect the outcome of a case.


There are several reasons a divorce might be granted such as adultery, extreme cruelty, fraudulent contract, gross neglect of duty, the willful absence of the adverse party for more than a year, habitual drunkenness, imprisonment, incompatibility, and much more. In order to file for divorce in Ohio, an individual should have been a resident of the state for at least six months prior to filing.

Divorce Settlement

Settling a divorce includes determining the amount of the assets a couple has accumulated during the course of their marriage. If one party has a separate property such as an inheritance they received during the course of a marriage, a property that was acquired before the date of the marriage, a property that was acquired after a decree of legal separation, and other items should be excluded from the settlement process. Determining what should be included in a property settlement can be very confusing if an individual doesn’t have the help of family law lawyers in Springboro, OH.

Child Custody

The court is not allowed to favor one parent or another when making a child custody determination. Both parents have equal legal footing when there is a first custody determination. The court will apply the best interest test to the facts presented in court, and the court will determine if shared parenting is in the best interest of the child.

If you find yourself facing a family law situation, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Contact our attorneys to find out how they can help you through this situation.