Services to Expect from a Skilled Drug Defense Law Attorney in Emporia, KS

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Lawyer

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Kansas metes out a wide array of penalties for people convicted of drug offenses. These punishments can range from heavy fines to prison sentences.

When you have been arrested for one of these offenses, you need to go to court with a skilled lawyer by your side. The services that an experienced drug defense law attorney in Emporia, KS, can offer could keep you out of jail.

Evidence to Exonerate

One of the primary services that a good drug defense law attorney in Emporia, KS, can offer to you is gathering evidence that could exonerate you in court. Your lawyer can use subpoenas to get this evidence to bring to court. He or she can show the judge that you were not involved in the drug crime or that the drugs were not yours to begin with.

Having this evidence presented during your court appearance is critical for keeping you out of jail. Without it, you could take the fall for someone else and end up doing time in state prison for a crime that someone else committed.

Lowering the Charges

Even if you did have a hand in the crime, you may not deserve the full punishment for the charge. You may have extenuating circumstances that qualify for the charges being lowered against you. Your attorney can argue to the judge about why you should face a lower penalty.

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