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Car Accident Attorney in Maricopa, Az: What Not to Say After an Accident

You never know when you may get in an accident and need a car accident attorney in Maricopa, AZ, which is the reason you need to prepare. One way to do this is to know what not to say after an accident.

Don’t Say You’re Sorry

Saying you are sorry will probably come natural to you as it does for many people, but you want to avoid saying that after an accident. Sorry can appear to some as an admission of guilt, and that could get you in trouble later on, especially if you are found not guilty.

Do not admit you are sorry even if you think you are. A good car accident attorney in Maricopa, AZ, will tell you that you don’t really know if you are at fault. For example, if you hit someone because of non-functioning brake lights, then that driver may be at fault. Your attorney could also determine that the pavement’s construction could be at fault. Despite what you think, do your best to avoid admitting anything.

You should definitely ask if anyone is hurt, and seek help if someone is, but this is not the time to accuse anyone even if you feel that you were wronged. You want to stay calm, and seek help from a lawyer.

Alexander Law Offices can help you through this situation if you are ever in need, so do not hesitate and have their number handy should you be in an accident.