Reviewing Stipulations with a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Henderson, NV

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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In Nevada, domestic violence charges occur after an altercation between family or household members. Any incident involving family members where either party was assaulted or threatened is classified as domestic violence. A domestic violence lawyer in Henderson, NV explains common outcomes and stipulations that apply to the charges.

What Happens When the Cops are Called?

The cops interview each party involved and determine which individual is the victim. The victim’s injuries are reviewed and documented. The aggressor is taken into custody. If both parties are injured, the cops take both parties into custody. Each party has the legal right to file domestic violence charges when they are both injured.

What Are the Basic Penalties?

The first offense incurs a one-year jail sentence and a fine of up to $2,500. However, the severity of the victim’s injuries increase the penalties. The most severe of injuries lead to aggravated domestic violence. If any additional charges apply, law enforcement officers include them when the defendant is booked.

How Do Protection Orders Apply?

The protection order outlines all prohibited activities. The aggressor isn’t allowed to contact the victim or visit any location where the victim goes frequently. A violation of any terms leads to a new criminal charge. Each new charge is applied separately from the domestic violence charge. The protection order lasts until the verdict is rendered. It is extended if the judge believes that the victim is still at risk.

What Happens After a Conviction?

A conviction leads to a permanent record of violent behavior. The defendant faces difficulties when seeking employment in the future. A history of violent behavior deems the defendant a risk and limits where they work after their release. The conviction also affects the outcome of a divorce case when children are involved.

In Nevada, domestic violence is a serious crime that involves current or former spouses, children, siblings, and parents. The criminal offenses related to assault and battery, as well as the threat of bodily harm. A protection order is issued in most cases to protect the victim from further harm. Defendants facing these criminal acts should contact a domestic violence lawyer in Henderson, NV or visit website today.