Results Matter When Choosing Injury Attorneys in Towson, MD

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Legal Services

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Choosing injury attorneys in Towson, MD after suffering a serious injury caused by another’s negligence is a serious matter. You are entitled to compensation for your injury and there are a number of important factors to consider. The choice of attorney to handle your legal action will have a strong impact on your future.

What Should You Expect from a Personal Injury Attorney?

Some of the most important considerations when selecting a lawyer include:

* Many years of experience with insurance companies
* An ability to deal with insurance company lawyers and claim adjusters whose primary goal is to pay as little as possible
* Being able to anticipate the tactics that the insurance company will use to limit settlements
* Aggressively working to ensure that the settlement includes every penny of compensation you are entitled to

How Can You Know Which Is the Right Attorney?

In practical terms, how can a prospective client know if an attorney has the right type of experience to handle their claim? After all, all lawyers graduated from law school. What questions could the attorney ask? A good attorney would know exactly what questions to ask, but most prospective clients haven’t had much experience with legal issues or lawyers to know. Not to mention the stressful situation they are going through and the considerable pain they’re probably in.

Past Results Matter

Every case is unique, and successful results in past cases are no guarantee of a similar result in your case. However, the attorney’s track record is the best guide a prospective client has available when selecting a lawyer. Many successful attorneys post this information on their websites.

Peer Ratings and Accomplishments

Martindale-Hubbell and Super Lawyers list peer review ratings for attorneys. This is valuable information, because who can judge a lawyer better than other lawyers? Any awards received from Bar Associations are also excellent indicators of standing in the legal community.

The law offices of Stephen A. Markey III, PC has been proving assertive legal representation since 1990. These experienced injury attorneys in Towson, MD post their recent results in personal injury cases on their website. Both Mr. Markey and Ms. Orsi have been recognized by their peers for their legal skills in numerous ways. Review their track record at and call (410) 583-0755 to discuss your situation. You need committed and vigorous legal representation during this difficult time.

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