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Questions Clients Should Ask a Back Injury Attorney in Phoenix AZ

Choosing a Back Injury Attorney in Phoenix AZ who matches the client’s personality and case is crucial. When a client knows that his or her attorney understands the situation, they not only receive peace of mind, they feel safe. Below are several things clients should ask themselves when choosing an attorney after a back injury.

What’s the Attorney’s Experience With Back Injuries?

This step may seem obvious, but many people skip vetting the attorney’s experience in their desperation to gain compensation from a negligent party. Just as in other disciplines, not every attorney handles every type of case. Clients should ask what percentage of the practice is devoted to similar cases, and they should ask about the lawyer’s history of success. An experienced personal injury lawyer will gladly provide that information.

What Resources Will be Used to Pursue the Case?

Settling a back injury case isn’t just about state law, it’s about knowing how to evaluate the case to determine who is responsible for the client’s injuries, and it’s about gaining enough compensation to allow the client to be made whole again. Lawyers often partner with private investigators and others who can evaluate the damage and assign a fair dollar value. As most people know, the insurer and the victim usually have different ideas as to the claim’s value.

Can the Client Speak Directly to the Attorney?

There is nothing wrong with talking to a legal assistant, but it’s nice to hear directly from the attorney. Clients should not be afraid to ask for direct contact, and an experienced Back Injury Attorney in Phoenix AZ will understand and accommodate the client’s needs.

How is the Attorney Regarded in the Community?

While credentials are vital, an attorney’s reputation among peers and clients is equally important. One of the reasons to choose a well-regarded lawyer is that everyone, including the other party’s insurer, will know that they are working with a lawyer who is all business and one who gets things done. If a person is the victim of an injury caused by someone else’s negligent behavior, they can Browse the Site to learn more or to schedule a consultation.