Social Security Disability Offices in New Bedford, MA Can Answer Your SSA Questions

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Social Security Disability

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If you have questions about Social Security Administration (SSA) benefits, they can easily be answered by lawyers at social security disability offices in New Bedford, MA. Offices of this type solely handle legal cases that pertain to the receipt of SSA disability benefits.

What the SSA Considers When Reviewing Your Application

When applying for benefits in Massachusetts, the SSA considers your education, past work experience, age, and medical condition. You must also demonstrate that you are disabled from any employment or that you anticipate being disabled for one year or longer. To receive benefits, you must also have contributed to the Social Security system for a sufficient period of time.

When to Submit a Filing

Social Security disability offices, such as the office of attorney Sara J. Frankel, can give you further details about filing for benefits and what to include. For example, you should submit a filing as soon as you realize that you have a disability. Be sure to provide accurate details with respect to the beginning date of the disability. Also, you need to supply the SSA with the names and addresses of the doctors and medical providers who have provided treatment.

A Request for Reconsideration

If your application is denied, legal Social Security disability offices can provide you with a lawyer who will assist you through the appeals process. As most applications are denied, you will need to notify your attorney immediately so that an appeal, known as a Request for Reconsideration, can be filed. After a Request for Reconsideration is filed, the SSA will once again review your eligibility for benefits. During the process, additional evidence may be needed.

A Request for Hearing

If you are denied during this stage, your attorney can help you file a Request for Hearing. This Request must be filed within 60 days after you receive a Notice of Denial. During the hearing, you will need to appear and give testimony before a judge who will make a decision about your case. Should the decision be favorable, you can receive monthly disability benefits in accordance with SSA guidelines and rules.

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