Pedestrians Injured in a Car Accident Should Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Henderson, NV Quickly

by | May 8, 2017 | Lawyer

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Pedestrians have their own set of laws to follow when they’re walking along roadways. Although they do have the right of way when they have a walk signal in a crosswalk, there are times when a pedestrian is crossing the road properly, and a turning car fails to yield the right of way. In these instances, the pedestrian will want to contact a personal injury lawyer in Henderson, NV as soon as possible to obtain compensation for their injuries.

The driver who caused the accident and their insurance company will likely claim the pedestrian was not crossing the crosswalk legally and, therefore, did not have the right away. Claiming this allows them to deny the request from the pedestrian for compensation. If successful, the pedestrian will not receive a settlement to cover their injuries and will need to pay medical and other bills out of their own pocket. When the pedestrian is a victim in an accident like this, hiring a lawyer can help them prove they were not at fault so they can obtain compensation for their injuries.

A lawyer will be able to check with local stores to find any surveillance videos that might show exactly what happened to cause the accident. They might contact any witnesses to the accident to determine what happened. Using as much evidence as they can collect, they can prove who caused the accident and demonstrate liability on behalf of the motorist to obtain a settlement for their client. The victim should not have to pay for their own accident-related expenses if they were following the law and were injured by a driver who did not follow the law. The lawyer will work to ensure the liable party does pay the required amount to cover these expenses.

If you’ve been injured while walking or crossing the road, it might be a good idea to contact a personal injury lawyer Henderson, NV as quickly as possible. They can help demonstrate who was actually liable to ensure you can receive a settlement to cover all accident-related injuries. Contact Hay Law today or click here for more information.