A Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Bellingham, WA Can Handle Grocery Store Accidents

by | May 5, 2017 | Lawyer

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A trip to the grocery store does not necessarily mean a hazard to the health of a individual. People usually do this every single week, so it’s just a part of their routine they don’t really think about. Yet, it’s easy for a person to be injured in a grocery store as they might not see a spill ahead of them due to a full grocery cart. Slipping and falling can cause significant injuries and can warrant a call to a slip and fall accident attorney in Bellingham, WA.

Grocery store employees must always keep an eye out for potential issues. Many grocery stores sweep the floors on a routine basis and they walk the entire store to check for spills or leaks from the refrigerated or frozen sections. If they notice anything, they will need to block the area in order to clean the floors and ensure they’re dry and safe to walk on.

Despite the attention that local grocery store’s employees might pay to the floors, sometimes accidents happen and end up with with someone injured. The injured person should ask the employees to contact emergency medical care for them immediately. They will want to be careful with what they say so it doesn’t seem like they caused their own injuries. Once they have received medical care, they will want to contact a lawyer.

The lawyer can obtain the videotape of the accident if there is one, as well as witness statements, to determine if the grocery store was negligent and if they are actually liable for the accident. If they are, they will need to compensate the victim for their injuries. The lawyer will help their client obtain an adequate settlement to cover any expenses from the accident.

Although shopping at a grocery store is something you do regularly, if you do have an accident at the grocery store it’s important to seek medical care immediately and then contact a slip and fall accident attorney in Bellingham, WA. Visit the website to learn more about how they can help you recover financially from the injuries you sustained due to negligence at the grocery store.