What Is Managed By A Business Lawyer In De Pere, WI?

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Lawyers

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In Wisconsin, business owners require an attorney to devise strategies to protect the company’s interests. Under business laws, the company owner receives certain types of protection that limit major losses. The business owner could utilize the laws to manage their company more proactively. A Business Lawyer in De Pere WI provides specific services for company owners for these reasons.

Separating Personal Property from Business Property

Business owners need protection against legal claims. If a lawsuit is filed, personal or non-business assets are seized for the payment of a monetary award. The owner discusses methods of separating their personal and business assets and protecting the assets from the claims. The most effective strategy to protect personal assets is to start a corporation or limited license company.

Business Bankruptcy Claims

Businesses that must file for bankruptcy must review their choices. Chapter 7 or liquidation is suitable for companies that are ready to shut down. If the company has a fighting chance, chapter 11 gives the owner the chance to reorganize their debts and manage the debts more effectively. An attorney reviews the company’s debts and profitability. Next, the lawyer provides advice according to the most proactive way to pay off debts or cut their losses.

Business Insurance and Risk Management

Business owners need insurance to protect their company based on how it is operated. General liability and global liability coverage help with product and premise liabilities. Worker’s compensation provides coverage for injured workers. Group-rate health care could provide affordable health insurance for employees. The attorney conducts a risk assessment and identifies all additional policies that are needed.

Employment Laws and Discrimination

All business owners must abide by federal employment laws. It is illegal to deny access to a job based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender. An attorney explains the rights of the business owner in relation to discrimination and claims that are filed against the company.

In Wisconsin, business owners must follow steps to protect their company based on business laws. Risk assessments determine what risks the business owner could face based on their industry. Business owners who need assistance from a Business Lawyer in De Pere WI can visit us website and learn more about available services today.