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Count on a Drug Defense Lawyer in Killeen, TX to Assist You in Realizing a Better Outcome

Have you been arrested for drug possession in Texas? If so, you need to speak to a lawyer immediately to strategize your defense so you can realize a better outcome. An attorney can help formulate a defense that will assist you in your case in court.

Types of Defenses Used

Some of the legal defenses used by a drug defense lawyer in Killeen, TX include:

The drugs were not the defendant’s. In this instance, the drugs may have been found in an apartment, in a locker, or beneath the seat of car–anywhere the defendant had access. In turn, the defendant may not have known that the drugs were in the location they were found.

A Fourth Amendment violation existed. The Fourth Amendment protects defendants from unlawful searches or seizures. Therefore, police authorities cannot search places randomly; rather, a warrant must be used during a search.

The drugs cannot be shown to be illegal. To convict a person of a drug charge, a prosecutor must show that the drugs were a controlled substance. If this cannot be shown, it can help the defense.

Contact a Lawyer Immediately

Indeed, it is advantageous to have a legal advocate, such as a drug defense lawyer, on your side when you are creating a defense. That is why you need to contact a legal representative immediately if you have been charged with illegal drug possession.

Face the Future with More Confidence

Use the knowledge and skills of a drug defense lawyer to present your case by the best means possible. When you collaborate with a lawyer that regularly defends these cases, you can proceed with more confidence.

Set Up a Consultation Today

If you wish to schedule a consultation with a lawyer, click here for further details. Again, time is of the essence when you are facing this type of charge. Contact a lawyer today.