Learning About Getting a Bail Bond in Hyattsville, MD and What It’s Like to Wait in Jail

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Bail Bonds

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The help of a bail bond in Hyattsville, MD is usually just one phone call away. Once a defendant’s bail has been set, it’s up to them to make some form of payment arrangement to get released. While the paperwork is being processed, the defendant will have to wait in jail.

Is It Dangerous?

One of the biggest concerns that people have about jail is being physically harmed. In the vast majority of cases, defendants should not have any problems while they are in local jails waiting to be released. If a defendant does feel uncomfortable or is threatened, they can talk to a guard. A jail can keep a prisoner isolated for safety reasons.

Being Respectful

While a defendant is waiting for their bail bond in Hyattsville, MD to go through, frustration might set in. Even if a person is angry and frustrated, they must remember to remain respectful to other inmates and guards. The biggest way to get into trouble with guards and other prisoners is to be disrespectful. Schedule an appointment for bail help by calling or visiting the website.


A person who hasn’t been to jail before might wonder about bathing while in custody. For the most part, people who are in jail for a few days aren’t usually able to shower. A prisoner who is transferred to a county facility will usually get a chance to shower.

Getting Out Without Spending Money

Although it doesn’t happen for a lot of defendants, it is possible for a person to get out of jail without spending any money. During the bail hearing, a lawyer can request that a defendant just give a signature that means they promise to show for their future court hearings. If a defendant isn’t in jail on a serious charge, a judge might grant them a signature bond.

Spending a weekend in jail can be scary for some individuals. When a person knows what to expect, the situation isn’t as shocking. It’s just important for a defendant to get legal representation and to make arrangements with a bail agent so that release from custody can become a reality.