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What Laws Apply To Social Security Disability?

Numerous laws have been established to determine who qualifies for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and the amount of money they can expect to receive on a monthly basis. Social Security law in Kansas City is a program under the Federal Government, state and local laws do not apply.

SSDI benefits are available to those disabled individuals that have worked and paid FICA taxes and are unable to work for a minimum of one year. Depending on the situation, dependants of those granted SSDI benefits might also qualify for additional benefits. SSI is very different; there is no need for these beneficiaries to have paid into the system; SSI provides some financial support for people with little or no income.

Requirements for benefits:

To qualify for SSDI, the disabled applicant must have accrued a specific number of “work credits.” These credits are based on earnings; a mandated amount of money will have been taken from the claimant’s wages. In 2016, $1,260 in income was needed to earn one work credit. The claimant must have 40 work credits, 20 of which must have been earned in the last ten years to be eligible for SSDI.

The Social Security Administration considers a person disabled if unable to pursue employment in the field or another field due to a physical or mental impairment. A claim will not be approved if the applicant is partially disabled, the disability must be total and long-lasting.

SSI is based on income, not work credits. To qualify, the claimant must not earn more than a specific amount of money. The FBR, Federal Benefit Rate is currently $735 monthly for an individual or $1,103 for a couple.

Social Security law in Kansas City is strict, only about one-third of all initial claims are approved. For those that are denied benefits, the law allows them to engage the professional services of an attorney and appeal. Approximately 60 percent of those that appeal is eventually granted disability benefits.

Social Security law in Kansas City is complex and the chances of approval are low. To improve your chances of getting Social Security disability benefits, discuss your case with Grundy Disability Group, LLC. Follow us on twitter.