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If You’ve Been Arrested for DUI in Berkeley Springs, WV, Contact a Lawyer

Being arrested for a DUI in Berkeley Springs, WV can result in the loss of your license and harsh fines. Two separate cases will be pending against someone after their arrest. There will be a criminal case and a DMV case. An individual will need to request a DMV hearing almost immediately after being arrested because, within 30 days, they will receive a notice of suspension. They will immediately lose their license. Meeting this critical deadline, as well as any criminal deadlines, requires the assistance of an experienced DUI lawyer. If an individual refused to take a chemical test, they will automatically receive 45 days with no driving privileges whatsoever. After the 45 days have expired, twelve months with an Interlock device on their vehicle will be required.

West Virginia does not permit work privileges when a license has been suspended for a DUI. If an individual has been arrested within the last ten years for a DUI, the penalties and license suspension become harsher. An experienced DUI lawyer can review the facts and evidence of someone’s case and determine the best possible defense. They will ensure the individual meets all of their deadlines with the two different cases pending against them.

When someone’s been arrested for a DUI in Berkeley Springs, WV, a lawyer may suggest the driver participates in an alcohol test and lock program. This can reduce someone’s license suspension time but requires them to blow into a machine to be able to start their automobile. If an individual blows any higher than a .04 into the machine, they could be prohibited from participating in the program. If an individual successfully completes the program, they may be able to have full driving privileges reinstated. The individual must pay the cost for installation and any fees associated with the unit.

You do not have a right to contact an attorney before you decide whether or not to take a chemical test. If you’ve made a mistake by driving under the influence, meet a West Virginia DUI lawyer as quickly as possible after your arrest. Saving your driver’s license is important if you’re employed or have to take care of transporting your family for emergencies.