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How a DUI Lawyer in Egg Harbor Township, NJ Prepares to Defend a Client

Being charged with driving under the influence is no laughing matter. If convicted, the results can have a serious impact on the individual for a number of years. Before assuming the only possible solution is to plead guilty and hope for a light sentence, it makes sense to hire a DUI lawyer in Egg Harbor Township, NJ and mount a defense. Here is how the lawyer will work on behalf of the client.

Taking a Look at What Transpired

The first order of business is to collect information about what took place. That includes obtaining a copy of the police report and taking a look at what led the arresting officer to pull over the client’s vehicle. Was the stop due to something like a broken tail light or failing to use a turn signal when making a turn? Was the car weaving at any time? The goal is to determine if there was a reason to pull over the vehicle in the first place.

Another aspect that the DUI lawyer in Egg Harbor Township, NJ will want to look at closely is the actions of the arresting officer. Were they in compliance with current laws? Making sure that everything was done in order, up to and including ensuring the client was made aware of the rights provided under the law, is imperative. If the officer failed to act in full compliance with those laws, there may be grounds to ask for a dismissal.

Setting Reasonable Expectations

Depending on the facts that the lawyer is able to collect, they may suggest more than one possible course of action to the client. When it is obvious that the client was driving under the influence and the amount of alcohol found in the blood was over the legal limit, the best course of action is to admit guilt and seek lenience from the court. In the event the client has a spotless record up to that point, the judge will have some leeway in passing the sentence. Should the client have prior convictions, the judge will of necessity have to render a judgment that is in line with applicable laws.

Whatever the circumstances, don’t face the charge alone. Contact the law office of Mark D. Kargman Esq. LLC today and arrange for legal counsel. Doing so will ensure you rights are protected every step of the way.