How to Receive Jail Release Services in Williamson County, Texas

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Lawyer

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An unexpected phone call suddenly makes it necessary to help a loved one with bail. Many people do not have the cash on hand and must rely on bail bond services for assistance. The process is straightforward, but it could be quite confusing. Bail bond services offer a legal, reliable and fast way to get someone out of jail. However, there are certain restrictions.

Bring Some Identification

The person that signs the contract with the bail bond service needs to have a current ID with them. A state or college ID, or a driver’s license is usually acceptable if it is valid and includes a photo. Bring the original identification card; photocopies or phone pictures are not acceptable.

Find Some Collateral

The people that offer the jail release services in Williamson County need some protection for the money they use to get someone out of jail. Collateral for a bail bond service can include the title of personally owned real estate or vehicles, or it could include other valuables like jewelry or electronic equipment. People cannot use property they do not have a title for or items co-owned with someone else that is not signing the contract with the service.

Have the Cash

Most jail release services in Williamson County, TX require the client to pay 10 percent of the bail amount in cash at the time of the contract signing. The money is non-refundable and is the fee for the service. Bond services accept cash, money orders, and credit, but usually do not accept personal checks.

Begin when Ready

An arrest can take place at any time of the day or night, so bail bond services stay open 24-hours a day. No one needs an appointment to get assistance, but customers can call ahead for more information or to begin the process. The person arrested and anyone supplying the collateral must visit the office after the bond posting to complete the paperwork.

The justice system can be pretty confusing and intimidating, but bond services can help in many ways. The bail bond agent will stay in contact to remind clients of their hearing dates and other details and can help clarify how the system works. For more information, visit us website today.

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