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Get Help with Your Medical Bills with Personal Injury Attorneys in Van Nuys

There are many situations where a person’s inability to be responsible causes serious injuries. Negligence or even recklessness in behaviors can create situations that are dangerous to those nearby or under the care of these irresponsible people. These injuries can be devastating and quite costly. When these accidents occur, the responsible party should pay for all of the damages and medical bills they caused. Personal injury attorneys in Van Nuys understand this and can help those injured get the compensation they need.

Auto Accidents

One of the most common types of personal injury cases is an automobile accident. Far too many drivers on the road do not properly follow the driving laws. Some drivers are distracted by their cellphones or other devices. Some drivers feel it is acceptable to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When they cause an accident, serious injuries can occur. These can create high medical bills and costs of treatment for those injured. These careless drivers should pay for all the costs of the accident.

Dog Bites

Owning a dog is a major responsibility, especially a dog that is prone to biting or attacking others. There are laws in most communities that require a dog to be on a leash or otherwise restrained to prevent attacks. Unfortunately, many dog owners do not follow these rules. When their dog attacks someone and causes an injury, they should pay for all medical costs and treatments needed to recover. Personal injury attorneys in Van Nuys can help injured parties pursue these cases.

Slip and Falls

It is the responsibility of a property owner to keep their property safe and free of hazards. This is especially true for those who own a business. When invited guests or customers visit the property, they should be safe from injury. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. When an injury occurs due to the property owner’s inability to keep the area safe, they should pay for the cost of that injury.

Those injured in an accident should get assistance with their case to help ensure they get the compensation they need to recover. Visit Scott D. Oppenheim Attorney at Law for personal injury law or to schedule a free consultation.