Hire a Chicago Divorce Lawyer to Know What Your Legal Options are

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Lawyer

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Getting a divorce can make for an emotionally trying and stressful time. If you or your spouse don’t have any children or extensive assets, then you could probably use the DIY approach. However, if you have kids or a lot of properties and assets, you’ll need to secure the services of lawyer. This is especially important, given the new divorce law in Chicago. Here’s what you can expect:

Use of irreconcilable differences

In the past, couples who wanted to get a divorce because of ‘irreconcilable differences’ had to live apart for at least 2 years. That meant a long time being stuck in the litigation process so one or both parties would invent other reasons to speed it up. Today, the new divorce law in Chicago doesn’t ask for any such grounds anymore so married couples can get married without having accusing the other party of anything just to speed up the process, says Gordon & Perlut, LLC.

Parenting time

These days, the term visitation has been replaced with parenting time. The term is much more accurate for families.

Custody no longer used

The new law has also eliminated the need for the term custody. A number of parents took the term custody to mean that they would have the right to make significant decisions for their child. Now, it’s called decision-making. It’s easier to understand so parents don’t get confused.

Convenient relocation

Previously, parents had to secure a court approval if they were planning on moving file miles away from state lines. At present, though, parents can now move without having to acquire court approval, so long as they move within 25 miles or less of the state lines.

So if you’re undergoing a divorce, contact a divorce lawyer to help get you up to speed on the new rules and regulations. With the assistance of a divorce lawyer, you can determine the best legal options you have.