FAQs About Drug Offenses Answered by a Criminal Lawyer in Junction City, KS

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Lawyer

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In Kansas, drug offenses are based on the quantity of the substance, the intended purpose of possessing the drug, and previous offenses. These factors determine the full impact of the criminal charges. The following are FAQs about drug offenses answered by a criminal lawyer in Junction City, KS.

What are the penalties for possession of marijuana?

The possession of any amount of marijuana is classified as a misdemeanor. The penalty is six months in prison together with a fine of $1,000.

What are the penalties for the intent to distribute?

Any amount of marijuana that exceeds 450 grams is classified as a felony. This amount indicates the intent to distribute the drug. The penalty for the infraction ranges from ten to forty-two months in prison. They incur a fine of $100,000.

What penalties apply to the sale of marijuana in high volumes?

The sale of quantities less than twenty-five grams is a felony charge that incurs a sentence of fourteen to fifty-one years in prison. The fine is $300,000.

Charges related to quantities that are at least 450 grams incur a felony penalty of ninety-two to one hundred forty-four months in prison. The fine is $500,000. The same charge in which the quantity is over thirty kilograms incurs a sentence of up to two hundred four months.

Does an additional charge apply based on the location of the sale?

Yes, if the sale took place at least 1,000 feet from a school zone, the individual incurs an additional sentence of four-to-seven years. For this charge, they receive a fine of $300,000.

What are the penalties for cultivating marijuana plants?

The cultivation of four to fifty plants incurs a sentence of four to eight years in prison. The fine ranges up to $300,000.

If they cultivate fifty to one hundred plants, they incur a charge of a class two felony. The accused faces between nine to twelve years in prison and a fine of $500,000.

In Kansas, marijuana offenses are based on how the accused used the controlled substance. They define how the infraction affects the individual’s life. Anyone accused of these crimes hires a criminal lawyer in Junction City, KS by contacting the Oleen Law Firm or visit the website now.