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Examples of Real Estate Law and Real Estate Law Attorney in Angola, Indiana

Real estate law governs the rights that people have in possessing, buying, selling, leasing, and using land or property.

Purchasing a Home

A real estate lawyer can guide clients into understanding the rights to their property and land. One of the ways that real estate law is put into practice is during the process of purchasing a home. When someone purchases a home, a real estate broker or agent is generally needed to negotiate the agreement between the buyer and seller. A real estate attorney is vital in the process because he or she is in charge of ensuring that the property is legally marketable.

Property Boundaries

Most homeowners do not know the boundaries of their properties. Sometimes situations arise surrounding property boundaries where a real estate law attorney has to intervene. Border disputes most often occur with next-door neighbors. Situations such as these arise when encroachment occurs or when construction by another person occurs on your land. Sometimes people do not mind when encroachment occurs but, if you do, a real estate law attorney must prove that you’re the owner of the property and that the encroachment is improper.

Unlawful Eviction

Real estate law also governs leasing, tenants, and landlords. A person can be unlawfully evicted in a number of ways. One of these ways occurs when the landlord does not provide proper notice of eviction. Unlawful eviction laws vary by state. Specifically, in Michigan, landlords are not allowed to resort to drastic measures to evict a tenant such as changing the locks, turning off the water, or even turning off the heat.

Choosing the Right Lawyer

A real estate law attorney in Angola, Indiana is a resource that you need if you feel that your property rights are infringed. Thomas Law Firm in Angola, Indiana offers cost efficiency with exceptional services.