A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Cincinnati OH Will Help You Obtain A Better Outcome

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Lawyer

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Getting arrested is one of the most frightening things someone will go through in their life. Losing their freedom and having a permanent criminal record is overwhelming. Hiring an aggressive and experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Cincinnati OH can result in a better income than someone can obtain on their own. A criminal attorney won’t be afraid to fight a case in court for the accused when they’re innocent or evidence was obtained illegally. They should have experience in family, state and federal court cases. A criminal attorney can represent someone that’s been accused of domestic violence, DUI/OVI, drug crimes, and high profile cases. They have extensive knowledge in all facets of the law and will provide the best defense possible.

If a college student has been accused of sexual assault by a school investigator of the police, they should contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Cincinnati OH as quickly as possible. The attorney should have experience in civil rights, school disciplinary proceedings and criminal defense. Campus administrators and law enforcement investigators are not an accused student’s friend. Students need to understand a conviction for this type of charge can ruin their life forever.

The hearing process through a school or university is nothing close to a legal judicial hearing. With the stricter guidelines given by the Department of Education, school administrators will quickly pass judgment to find the accused responsible without a proper investigation and without the fundamental due process rights that are owed to students. Some problems that have been observed has been the unwillingness of panels to consider evidence. Biased infestations that include hiding of evidence that is helpful to an accused individual has also taken place. Students have been unable to cross-examine witnesses or permit them to bring in supporting witnesses. Suspension, expulsion, and notations on a student’s transcript will follow them into graduate schools or future employers.

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