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Empathetic Help with Your Case by Hiring a Divorce Attorney in Rockford, IL

When your spouse has left you and your marriage, your emotions can easily get the best of you. You deal with intense hurt, loneliness and fear. You also are angry and want an explanation for why he or she disrupted your family and home that way.

Rather than act on any of your emotions, you can get the levelheaded and empathetic help that you need to move forward in family court by hiring a divorce attorney in Rockford, IL. Your lawyer can offer you empathetic and assertive assistance in getting what you the closure and legal outcome that you need to move forward with your life.

Pursuing Spousal Support

If the spouse that left the marriage was the primary breadwinner, he or she may owe you spousal support. This support is designed to provide you with a relatively secure financial safety net while you navigate immediate life as a newly single person. It also serves to pay your bills while you look for more gainful employment.

The amount of time that you can collect spousal support is equal to one third to one half of the time that you were married. Your ex-spouse could owe you payments for years.

Your lawyer can also petition for child custody and support on your behalf if necessary. You avoid going into the case alone and unrepresented. You can learn more about hiring a divorce lawyer in Rockford IL by contacting the Crosby Law Firm at their website.