Do I Need a Lawyer to Help With My Social Security Disability Claim?

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Lawyer

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Millions of people apply for Social Security disability benefits every year. However, most applications are initially rejected. Though the Social Security Administration provides an option for appeals, the process is frustrating and takes up a lot of time. Though the program is federal, it’s administered by the state. Here, you’ll learn how a Social Security law firm in Knoxville can help.

Reasons for Claim Denial

Many legitimate disability claims are first denied because of an incomplete application or insufficient documentation. Most of the time, these filing errors are relatively minor and could be avoided with help from a disability attorney. While it is possible to appeal a claim, it pays to file it properly the first time around.

Hire a Lawyer to Get Through the Backlog

Disability hearings are backed up all over the country, and Knoxville is no exception. The backlog has occurred for several reasons. First, many people are applying for benefits because they’ve been unable to get the care needed for rehabilitation. Second, the steps to appeal for SSI or SSDI are long and complicated. Finally, because of the economy, layoffs and budget cuts are still common. Agencies are overwhelmed. A lawyer can help you cut through the red tape, however.

How a Disability Attorney Can Help

You have the legal right to work with a Social Security law firm in Knoxville when applying for benefits or filing an appeal. In fact, having an attorney on your side is a substantial asset. Recent surveys show that those who work with attorneys are more likely to be approved at the initial stage.

Our team is committed to helping disabled Tennessee residents get the help they deserve. To learn how we can help you during the SSDI application or appeals process, visit or call the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, PC today.