Criminal Defense Lawyers in Vermont Versus Working with a Public Defender

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Lawyer

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Those who are arrested may be given the option of working with a public defender on their case. In most cases, however, they’re going to want to work with one of the criminal defense lawyers in Vermont instead of working with a local public defender. When a public defender is an option, hiring a lawyer is still usually the best choice because of the time they can put into a case.

Is a Public Defender an Option?

An arrested person will typically find out if they qualify for a public defender at their arraignment. A public defender might be an option if the person cannot afford a lawyer at all. The ability to use a public defender is based on the person’s reported income. However, if there’s any way for them to afford a lawyer, including by borrowing money from friends and family, doing so might be a better option as they can get more personalized assistance.

The Number of Cases Makes a Difference

The main reason to hire a lawyer over using a public defender is because of the amount of time that can be devoted to the case. Public defenders often have a huge number of cases they’re working on at one time. This means they cannot spend a significant amount of time on any particular case. Often, this leads to plea deals for the defendants. While this might be okay for some defendants, they might have a chance at a better outcome if they hire their own lawyer.

If the arrested person hires a lawyer, they’ll have someone who can focus on their case. Criminal defense lawyers can choose the cases they work on and make sure they do not take too many cases at one time. They have the time to fully focus on the case and work to help their client get a much better outcome.

If you’ve been arrested, take the time to look into hiring one of the criminal defense lawyers in Vermont right away. This will give you the chance to work with someone who will focus on your case and make it a priority. Contact us today to learn more about hiring a lawyer.