Create a Visitation Schedule With the Help of a Family Law Attorney in Rochester MN

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Lawyers

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When couples go through the divorce process, they must get through many difficult situations. For those with children, creating a visitation schedule is usually one of the hardest things to do. Both parents, of course, want to see the kids as much as possible, which makes conflicts all but inevitable. Consider these factors when working with a Family Law Attorney in Rochester MN to create a workable visitation schedule.

What’s Best for the Children

The most important thing to think about through the process is the children’s best interests. It’s crucial for parents to set aside their own opinions, wants, and needs to ensure that the children are taken care of as well as possible.

Encouraging Strong Relationships With Both Parents

Children have a right to have a relationship with both parents. To the extent possible, visitation schedules should be made in ways that encourage strong bonds with both the father and the mother. This usually means ensuring the children spend as much time as they can with each parent.


Setting schedules that provide stability is important for the children’s well-being. Ensuring they know where they’ll be at all times is reassuring and it will make adjustments much easier to handle.

Special Occasions and Holidays

Discussing how holidays and special occasions will be handled is critical. Holidays help kids build family traditions and priceless memories. Some parents alternate holidays, while others have certain occasions apply to one parent or the other each year. Both options work well in certain cases, but they must be chosen ahead of time to minimize conflict.

Handling Exceptions

Regardless of how well-planned a visitation schedule is exceptions will always occur. Whether it’s because of an emergency, an unexpected event, or other reasons, the rules on these exceptions should be outlined clearly.

Count on the Legal Team for Advice

If a parent has questions about a visitation schedule or they need help creating one and submitting it to the court, the firm is here to help. Call to make an appointment with a Family Law Attorney in Rochester MN, or Browse the Site for more details on the firm’s services.