When to Contact a Federal Criminal Attorney

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Criminal charges are serious regardless of where they happen and in what court the hearing will take place. When the charges are for a federal crime, the potential for more punishment is possible, and the prosecutor will typically establish a much more complex case. Any type of criminal offense could, potentially, be a federal crime depending on where it took place and many other details. Hiring a lawyer is always advised when criminal charges are made in a federal case as the defense requires someone with the right experience, credentials, and training.

Only a Federal Criminal Attorney licensed in defend clients in the court where the case is to be heard can represent defendants. An exception to the law does allow attorneys to request special permission from the court for one appearance. However, federal cases are not exactly the same as those experienced in a district courthouse. Without prior federal court experience, a lawyer may not be able to provide their client with the best possible representation. They may miss opportunities or fail to provide information as needed. Simple mistakes could become very damaging to the client.

The government presses federal charges against people that have committed acts the government believes have the power to affect the nation. This is not only crimes like terrorism or drug trafficking. A federal crime could be something as seemingly simple as vandalizing a government building or lying on a tax return. Despite how minor the offense may appear, the result of the charges could lead to financial distress, loss of employment, and a prison sentence. The severity of the situation means a Federal Criminal Attorney is needed immediately. The call should be made as soon as someone suspects that criminal charges are possible. Having legal advice from the beginning will prevent any mistakes and will ensure the rights of the accused are respected.

Contact to learn more or for advice regarding a specific case. Criminal cases vary greatly, so it is important for individuals to understand the severity of their charges and what the outcome could mean for them. Early contact with an attorney gives the law firm more time to investigate everything and build a strong defense for their client. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.