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Clients of a Defense Lawyer in Cincinnati OH Are Responsible for Certain Decisions

A person who has been charged with a crime is likely to be scared and feeling somewhat powerless. This individual may want to rely completely on a Defense Lawyer in Cincinnati OH, but the attorney cannot make all the client’s decisions. Part of the lawyer’s role is to offer knowledgeable legal counsel and advice. The lawyer also provides aggressive defense against the charges and negotiates with the prosecution for a reduced sentence if the client decides to plead guilty in lieu of going to trial.

A Defense Lawyer in Cincinnati OH knows the right strategies for each case. For instance, if the case proceeds to trial, the attorney may strongly advise the client against testifying on the witness stand. This is often a point of dispute between the client and the lawyer. The client worries that the jury won’t believe in his or her innocence if there’s no personal testimony. The lawyer knows whether the client is likely to present a sympathetic figure on the stand or not. Any error in memory or an outburst of frustration could undermine the defense case. Nevertheless, the client is allowed to testify even if the attorney advises against it.

However, that doesn’t mean that a defendant should never offer an opinion. This person may not want a certain type of evidence introduced, for example. That evidence could be harmful to someone he or she cares about, even if it would be beneficial in the case. Lawyers may strongly recommend including this information at trial but cannot simply override the client’s instructions.

The defendant also must decide whether to accept a plea bargain the prosecution has offered or whether to plead not guilty and pursue a jury verdict. A lawyer with a firm such as Engel & Martin can provide guidance and explanations as to the pros and cons of each choice, but in the long run, this decision is up to the defendant. The risk of a prison sentence may be acceptable if the person cannot tolerate the idea of pleading guilty to a crime he or she did not commit. Please visit the website to learn more about these particular criminal defense lawyers.

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