A Workers Comp Attorney in Burlington, VT Helps Clients Get a Fair Deal

by | Dec 23, 2016 | Lawyers

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If an employee gets hurt at work, and cannot get fairly compensated for the injuries received, it may be because there is a discrepancy somewhere in the workers’ compensation process. After discussing everything with the human resources department, if the issues are not resolved, the employee may need to get professional assistance from an attorney. Because the workers’ compensation process can already be complex enough, the employee should seek legal assistance before any settlements are made. There is a Workers Comp Attorney in Burlington VT who helps clients get a just and fair resolution to their workers’ compensation issues.

Usually, an employee may not experience too much trouble getting the right things done when hurt in an accident at work. The proper paperwork is filled out. The employee is sent to a doctor for evaluation. Insurance information is presented. Normally, the employee will be compensated for any time missed from work. There will also be provision for the employee to do rehabilitative exercises until he or she is able to return to work reasonably normal. But, there are times when the insurance company may not do what is fair. There may be an attempt to return the employee to work before he or she is ready.

These things come up because the employer is anxious to have the employee return to work. The insurance company is trying to save as much money as possible for the incident. However, these things should not place any weight on the employee to return before he or she is ready. Hiring an attorney who can fight for the rights of the employee will turn out to be the smartest thing to do.

McVeigh Skiff LLP have over 40 years of combined experience in helping employees recover what is just and fair compensation for their work-related injuries. In addition to helping employees fight their workers’ compensation cases, they also practice law in the areas of personal injuries, medical malpractice, wrongful death, premises liability, automobile accidents, and nursing home issues. If any individual is looking for a Workers Comp Attorney in Burlington VT or the surrounding areas, visit the law firm’s website at Website URL.