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How Can a Personal Injury Attorney in Nassau County, NY Help After an Accident?

Serious injuries can happen due to the negligent actions of another individual. A personal injury attorney in Nassau County, NY can help victims of these types of accidents receive a fair financial settlement. An aggressive personal injury attorney will help a victim make sound legal decisions about their situation and will protect a victim’s rights against the insurance company.

What Type of Accidents Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Represent?

Victims of accidents that involve motorcycles, construction, premises liability, alcohol abuse, product liability, nursing home abuse, bicycles and trucks can receive legal representation from a personal injury lawyer. Victims of medical malpractice and asbestos exposure cases can also benefit from the help of a personal injury attorney. Please browse the website to find out more about how these types of accidents can cause injuries that result in a lifetime of medical expenses, and the inability to be gainfully employed.

Nursing Home Abuse

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is more common than many individuals realize. An individual in a nursing home could suffer from malnutrition, dehydration, bed sores, lacerations, emotional or physical abuse, and sexual assault. Staff will offer a variety of explanations for these types of situations that may not be true, and an individual should immediately contact a personal injury attorney in Nassau County, NY for help.

Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents are very serious because of the truck’s size versus a car. Early intervention by an experienced personal injury lawyer can result in a favorable outcome to a victim in these types of accidents. A personal injury lawyer will thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident and hold whoever caused the accident responsible.

An Emergency Situation

A personal injury lawyer understands that time is of the essence, which is why they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will never charge a victim a fee because they work on a contingency fee basis. The only way they will receive compensation is if they win the case, and can meet a victim at their home, hospital or wherever it’s convenient.

The Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini, III have years of experience representing clients involving personal injury claims. Browse the website to find out how they can help you with your case.