Can DUI Lawyers in Miamisburg, OH Help You Avoid a Conviction?

by | Apr 25, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Most people understand that a DUI conviction can lead to serious penalties and can impact their life right now and in the future significantly. If someone has been arrested and charged with a DUI, they might wonder if DUI lawyers in Miamisburg, OH can help them avoid a conviction and the penalties that come with it. In some cases, this might be possible, but they’ll need to speak with a lawyer to find out for sure.

Lawyers Cannot Promise a Certain Outcome

Judges and juries are made of humans, so it’s not completely possible to accurately predict the outcome of any situation. That said, lawyers have experience working with the local judges and often have a pretty good idea of what the judge will say about certain situations. They will not be able to promise any outcome for their client, but they can let them know the chances of whether a better outcome is possible and what the judge is likely to do.

Lawyers Review the Entire Case Carefully to Determine Possible Outcomes

When the arrested person speaks with a lawyer about their case, the lawyer will review all of the evidence carefully. They’ll consider similar cases in the past and what the outcomes for those cases were as well as whether the evidence can be suppressed. If this is possible, it may be possible for the person to avoid a conviction. It takes careful analysis of the evidence and facts of the arrest to determine if this is possible.

Even if it is not possible for the person to avoid a conviction, the lawyer will see if there’s a way to obtain a conviction for a lesser offense that doesn’t have the serious penalties a DUI will have, or if it’s possible to minimize the penalties the person is facing. The lawyer will discuss all possibilities with the person and work with them to determine which route to take to try to get a better outcome.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, DUI lawyers in Miamisburg, OH can review your case and let you know about the possible outcomes. They may be able to help you avoid a conviction, depending on the facts of your case. Browse our website to learn more or to contact a lawyer for help today.