Benefits Of Using A Wills Lawyer In Nassau County, NY

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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When a person doesn’t plan how an estate will be handled after their death, a lot of confusion and problems can result. A person’s estate can end up being controlled by someone the deceased didn’t want in control. Heirs that a deceased individual wanted to have something could end up being cut off.

Advantages Of Making A Will With A Lawyer’s Help

Using a Wills Lawyer Nassau County NY to draft a will is the best way to go about the process. Although it’s true a person can write a will without the help of a lawyer, there are just far too many mistakes that can be made by an inexperienced person. Mistakes made with a will can have serious consequences. The will might not be considered valid if it isn’t drawn up correctly. Using a place like The Law Offices of Peter Morra helps to ensure that a will stand up to any scrutiny.

What Can A Will Help With?

Talking matters over with a Wills Lawyer Nassau County NY can help clarify exactly what a will can help with. When a parent drafts a will, they can choose a guardian for their minor children. If there are any family conflicts, a will can help to make sure the court is involved and the rightful heirs get what they are supposed to. Wills are also allowed to have testimony trusts that will help heirs who might not be able to completely take care of themselves and their finances.


There are what some would consider downsides to having a will. Any assets that are included in the will might have to go through the probate process before they can be distributed. Probate can be costly and might take quite some time to complete. Anyone who has property in multiple states should know that their heirs will have to deal with court systems in each state because of the will. That can be quite a hassle.

A will is definitely something that can help with an estate after a person’s death. People who hope to avoid probate will typically use trusts instead of relying on wills alone.