A Personal Injury Lawyer In Barboursville, WV, Knows How To Avoid Scams

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Lawyer

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A Personal Injury Lawyer in Barboursville, WV, should know all about the scam attempts that con artists try to pull off every single day. Unfortunately, some of these scams end up working because victims don’t expect them to happen. Insurers usually end up spending money when people fall victims to scams. There are ways to avoid being scammed.

Other Drivers

A scam artist might even seem truthful to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Barboursville, WV. They might have a witness to an accident. In reality, these scam artists prey on unsuspecting drivers. They will stage an accident and have a witness ready to say that the unsuspecting driver was at fault. The two parties who are perpetrating the scam will act as if they don’t know each other. They can keep pretending as if they don’t know each other during the entire process.

Drivers Have To Be Cautious

Scammers will look for drivers who aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. For example, they will monitor parking lots and look for drivers who aren’t paying attention while they are parking or driving around the lot. Drivers have to pay attention while they are parking and coming out of parking spaces. With security cameras being more common, getting hold of the security footage might be able to help identify a scam. In some cases, people will pick out areas that they know don’t have security cameras in order to try to pull off scams.

Read-End Scam

One common type of staged accident is when a driver causes another person to hit the back of their car. Scammers like this type of accident because they can claim back or neck injuries. These injuries are easy to fake. Drivers have to watch out for people who might be baiting them into accidents. Keeping a good distance behind other cars can help to avoid this type of scam. A person who needs help with a legitimate personal injury claim can visit a site like visit us website.

Even though there are far too many scam attempts happening, there are more than enough people who are involved in real accidents and end up needing the help of Stapleton Law Offices or any other lawyer who knows about personal injury claims. Anyone who feels they are a victim of a scam should also contact a lawyer.