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Benefits of Hiring a Social Security Lawyer in Knox County

If a person becomes too injured or too sick to continue working, they could be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. Since the individual is no longer working, they will have no income until their claim has been approved. The best way to ensure the claim is not held up or denied is to hire a Social Security lawyer in Knox County. There are several ways a lawyer can help.

Most SSD Benefits Are Initially Denied

According to a recent study, roughly 28 percent of all initial SSD claims are denied. If this happens, the individual would need to appeal the decision, which can make it take much longer for them to get the money they need. If the individual hires a lawyer, they can make sure the first application is complete, accurate, and in the correct format. This would decrease the applicant’s chances of being denied.

Lawyers Understand the SSD Application Process

There is a lot that needs to be included in an SSD application. A lawyer who handles SSD cases understands this. They will know what needs to be included in the application and what type of proof and documentation is necessary. When all of this information is included in the application the first time, it will be approved faster.

Assistance with an Appeal

If the individual’s application is denied the first time, they might need to file an appeal. This process can be even more complicated than the initial application process. If they want to have the best chance of having their appeal approved, they should hire a lawyer to handle the appeal process.

Case Updates

The SSD application process can take a long time. During this time, the individual won’t be making any money; therefore, they are going to want to know the status of their case. A lawyer can give the individual regular case updates to eliminate a bit of stress from the situation.

If a person is planning to file for SSD benefits, they should consider hiring a Social Security lawyer in Knox County. Hiring a lawyer would give the individual the best chance possible of being approved. For more information, visit Kenneth Miller & Associates, P.C.