Why Is A Bail Bond In Douglasville, GA A Better Option?

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Legal Services

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In Georgia, defendants and their representatives can acquire a better option to make arrangements to gain a release from jail. These options won’t require them to pay off the full bail value at one time. They can also reduce the time needed to make these arrangements and get released faster. The following are details about why a Bail Bond in Douglasville GA is a better option.

A More Affordable Choice Than Bail

The bail bond is more affordable than bail in most situations. The defendant or their representative can acquire the bail bond by providing a percentage of the bail value. This value ranges between 10 and 14%. They can acquire the bail bond through any bondsman who provides these services in their county. They can provide a cash payment or some form of collateral. They can provide any items that have a value that matches this bond value. This could include real estate properties, automobiles, or jewelry.

Won’t Require a Lengthy Process

The bail bonding won’t require an extended period of time. The defendant’s representative must acquire certain information about the defendant. This includes their full name, the name of the jail where they are held, their booking number, and the exact criminal charge assigned. Once they have this information, they provide it to the bondsman and start the paperwork for the bail bond.

The Defendant Can Use Their Own Collateral

The defendant can provide their own property as collateral. The bonding agent will visit them in county lockup to acquire their signature on the appropriate documents. This gives the bonding agent the right to hold the title or deed until the defendant’s case has concluded. They cannot miss any scheduled court appearances or the collateral is seized.

In Georgia, defendants have an alternative to posting bail. They can acquire a bail bond to help them become released from county lockup. They will need to remit at least 10% of the total bail amount to secure the bond. The bonding agent presents the documentation needed to acquire the release quickly. Defendants who need a Bail Bond in Douglasville GA contact Free At Last Bail Bonds right now.