When Applying For Benefits, A Veteran’s Best Option Is To Hire A Lawyer

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Lawyer

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With the number of disabled veterans increasing due to current and past conflicts, the waiting time to get a decision regarding service related benefits is getting longer and longer. If, after waiting many months the reply comes back denying the claim, the appeals process can take far longer again. If the appeal works its way through the system to the Board of Veterans Appeals the wait is in years, not in months.

With the complexity of the rules and laws, anyone that appeals without the able assistance of a veterans benefits lawyer in Tennessee puts him or herself at a tremendous disadvantage.

Success rates are better when the claimant is represented:

Although veterans have other sources which can provide some help as they pursue their claims, those represented by skilled veterans benefits lawyers have the lowest of all denial rates once their case reaches the BVA; under 18 percent, this is considerably below the average which is close to 25 percent.

Veterans that have hired a veterans benefits lawyer in Tennessee before their case was elevated to the BVA are likely to have their claim approved; the success rate is over 30 percent.

How your lawyer will help:

  • You will have an experienced professional that will advocate on your behalf. Your lawyer will respond to any questions that you may have and helps you gather whatever evidence might be needed to support your claim.
  • Your lawyer will determine the best path to get the benefits you so rightly deserve, benefits you are aware of as well as those you are not.

The entire process is complex and the rules and regulations often change. Veterans that approach their appeal alongside a seasoned veterans benefits lawyer in Tennessee are in a far better position than those that go it alone.

If your claim for VA benefits was denied you stand a far better chance of being approved during your appeal if you are represented by a knowledgeable veterans benefits lawyer in Tennessee. You are invited to contact Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.