Accident Attorneys in Beaver Dam WI Help Injured Clients Receive the Compensation They Deserve

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Lawyers

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When a driver causes an accident in Wisconsin, that person’s automotive insurance is supposed to pay for damage to other vehicles and compensate anyone who was injured. Accident Attorneys in Beaver Dam WI know that insurance companies commonly try to pay as little as possible and may even try to find reasons to deny the claim. Anyone who has been seriously injured by another driver and is having trouble receiving compensation may want to schedule a free consultation with one of these lawyers.


Personal injury Attorneys in Beaver Dam WI know how to negotiate with insurers and achieve an optimum settlement for clients. When the insurance company will not cooperate, the lawyer gets ready to bring the case to trial. A high percentage of cases do not reach this point because insurers do not want the expense and uncertainty of a trial.

Going to Court

However, if the person has suffered injuries that will have a significant lifetime effect, going to court often is advisable. The automotive insurer is only obligated to pay the maximum amount of the policy. But if the driver has assets that can provide more compensation, a lawsuit may be in order.

Supposed Final Offers

An individual trying to deal with an insurance company typically does not know how to negotiate a settlement. The insurer may present an offer with a “take it or leave it” stance, apparently confirming that this is the actual final offer. Individuals may feel pressured to accept because they figure the representative is telling the truth and because they don’t want to risk getting no money at all. Lawyers know that the supposed final offer is often a ploy.


The insurer may dispute the person’s injuries are as serious as claimed. The adjusters may find evidence that the person’s physical disorder already existed before the accident. This happens sometimes with claims involving back or neck pain. If this individual had seen a physician or chiropractor about back pain in the past, the insurer may use that information against the claim. Lawyers with an organization like QBS Law can help. Visit the website to get started. You can also visit them on Facebook.