A Civil Law Attorney in Chico, CA, Provides Representation for Clients Contesting a Conservatorship

by | Jan 27, 2016 | Lawyer

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When an elderly person becomes disabled and needs help managing finances, a family member may be designated as the person’s legal conservator. Often, this conservatorship is assigned to a son or daughter. Sometimes a dispute develops within the family about whether the person selected by the elderly person is the best one for the task. Another family member may believe that this person is likely to siphon off money for personal needs or mismanage the elderly relative’s income and assets. The family member may hire a civil law attorney in Chico, CA, to contest the conservatorship.

There may be sound reasons for this person’s beliefs, as supported by previous behavior on the part of the adult son or daughter. Perhaps that person previously borrowed money from a family member and never paid it back, or maybe lost a significant amount of money through gambling. The brother or sister may not want the selected person managing their parent’s finances; and contesting the conservatorship may require the assistance of a civil law Attorney in Chico, CA.

Often, the dispute does not arise until the conservator actually does something questionable regarding the parent’s finances. The conservator may have never caused any trouble in the past, but may have felt compelled to take some money from the parent’s bank account to pay an unexpected bill. The temptation can be great when someone has encountered hard financial times through losing a job or other circumstances. This person may have planned to return the money to the account quickly but was unable to. In the meantime, that person’s brother or sister might be able to check the parent’s account online and see a withdrawal that should not be there.

A firm such as the Law Office of Raoul J. LeClerc provides legal representation for someone who wants to dispute a parent’s conservatorship. The management of the parent’s finances might be transferred to this individual, to another family member, or to someone not related to the family and appointed by a judge. Contact information for this particular firm is available at the website .