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A Brain Injury Lawyer Helps Clients Decide When to Accept a Settlement

A brain injury lawyer provides legal representation and helps clients obtain a more reasonable financial settlement than they had originally been offered by an insurance company. A problem many injured people deal with is a lack of income after an accident and financial problems can quickly become serious if someone doesn’t have substantial savings or home equity to borrow against. The person must decide whether to accept a settlement before full recovery, legally known as maximum recovery.

The primary advantage of accepting a settlement while still receiving treatment is having enough money to pay bills. The person’s medical insurance may have paid for the bulk of bills for hospitalization, surgery, therapy, medication and other factors but the individual likely is responsible for a deductible and a certain percentage of the bills. For instance, co-pay amounts of 20 percent are common in health insurance policies. With $20,000 in medical bills and a $1,000 deductible, the injured person is now responsible for $5,000 of invoices. Medical bill collectors may start calling within just a few months, adding more stress to the situation. That doesn’t even include the aspects of having to pay rent or a mortgage, utility bills and general daily living expenses.

A brain injury lawyer typically advises clients to wait until maximum recovery before agreeing on a settlement. Otherwise, there is a substantial risk that the settlement will be unreasonably low. Not all the necessary therapy will be paid for by the insurer of the person or business that is liable for the accident. If the injured person needs a future operation, there is no chance to collect additional compensation from the insurer. There also will be no way to evaluate a specific physical loss, such as 50 percent loss of use of the right arm, since that cannot be determined until maximum recovery has been verified by doctors.

A firm such as Yoshida & Associates helps clients make decisions about this profoundly important issue. With over 30 years of experience, the legal team provides expert counsel to help the injured person make the best possible decision for his or her own needs. Information on this particular firm is available at

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