Why Is a Criminal Defense Attorney in WI So Important?

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Lawyer

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After being arrested, it’s important for the defendant to hire a criminal defense attorney in WI as soon as possible. Most people already know this, but they may wonder if an attorney is needed for their case or why an attorney is so important. Below are a few reasons why anyone who has been arrested should hire an attorney fast.

Understanding the Law Is Crucial

Why did the prosecution choose that charge instead of a different one? Does the charge really apply or is it possible to have it reduced? The outcome of cases can be different based on the charges the defendant is facing and prior case law. An attorney can review the charges, see if there’s a way to have them reduced, or look into local case law to determine if it may be possible to have the charges dismissed.

A Conviction Isn’t Guaranteed

Despite the amount of evidence gathered by the police at the time of the arrest, it’s not guaranteed that the defendant will be found guilty. They do not have to plead guilty because they think there is too much evidence against them. An attorney may be able to have some of the evidence suppressed and, therefore, reduce the chance of a guilty verdict. In criminal law, there is never a guaranteed outcome, but help from an attorney can enable the defendant to minimize the penalties they’re facing.

A Plea Deal Might Not Be the Right Solution

A plea deal can sound like a good idea, especially if there is a lot of evidence against the defendant. They might be offered a plea deal where they can plead guilty to a lesser charge and avoid a jail sentence, for instance. However, they’ll still have a conviction on their record, so this might not be a good option. An attorney can let them know if this is the right outcome for the case or there might be a way to avoid a conviction altogether.

If you’ve been arrested, no matter what the charges are or how much evidence there may be, contact a criminal defense attorney in WI quickly so they can start working on your defense. Visit the website for QBS Law S.C. to learn more now.

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