Why Call a Lawyer in Rockwall, TX, Immediately?

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Lawyers

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Once arrested, many people decide to call a friend or family member, post bail, and just go home. Being arrested is scary, confusing, and stressful, but the most important thing to do is to call a lawyer in Rockwall, TX, immediately. A lawyer can advise a client on how to proceed with interactions involving police officers, arrive at the jail to be present during questioning and make sure civil rights are protected and respected. The lawyer can also begin necessary actions to expedite a case, build a defense, or even have charges reduced.

Acting quickly is essential when dealing with many offenses, and the average person does not know what has to be completed in a specific timeline. In Texas, for example, if someone is arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI), a request for a hearing to keep a license has to be submitted within 15 days of arrest. If that is not done, the driver waives the right to contest a suspension of a license, and a lawyer will not be able to question the arresting officer.

A DWI conviction can result in an expensive driver’s license surcharge, a drastic increase in insurance premiums, high fines and court fees, a suspended license, losing a license, or jail time. Those consequences will affect a driver’s job, reputation, and future. A DWI arrest with a child under 14 in the vehicle is automatically a felony charge in Texas. That circumstance makes the immediate action even more important, as it can result in more charges, such as child endangerment or neglect.

An experienced lawyer in Rockwall, TX, such as the Law Offices of Tim Hartley, for example, may be able to get charges reduced or dismissed, and file a motion to have the arrest record and fingerprints destroyed. In the past, charges have been reduced to reckless driving and obstruction of a roadway. Those are misdemeanors with less severe ramifications. Those arrested can click here for contact information and details regarding free initial consultations, affordable rates, and flexible payment plans. Other areas of practice of this firm include personal injury, white-collar crime, accidents, drug offenses, probation violation, juvenile crimes, and other offenses.