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When You Might Need Child Support Attorneys in Bee Cave, TX

The courts take seriously the enforcing of the laws regarding child support in every state in the United States. In the State of Texas, the one who pays the child support is the “obligor,” while the one who receives the child support is the “obligee.” Child Support Attorneys Bee Cave TX help clients who are suing the other party who isn’t paying child support, especially if the other party is willfully trying to avoid the responsibility. Here are some things that both sides need to understand regarding child support law in Texas.

Child Support Law in Texas

Regarding child support in Texas, a judge may order one or both parents to pay child support until the child turns 18 or later (if the child is still in high school). If the courts determine that the child has a physical or mental disability, the child support remains indefinitely. If the courts order one parent to pay child support, it is usually the parent who does not have physical custody of the child. The courts determine the amount of child support on what the obligor makes, with the benchmark being $7,500 per month.

More about Child Support Law in Texas

The amount of child support paid will be as little as 20 percent of the obligor’s income, or as much as 40 percent, depending on the number of children involved. The entire matter could be simple but often becomes complex when the obligee requests more than what the court orders, such as if the child has a need that calls for more money. This is when it is beneficial to have a lawyer who can help clarify the variables for the clients.

Child Support Lawyers in Texas

Parents or guardians throughout Texas can find many lawyers and law firms who will represent them in child support matters. Margaglione Law is a law firm in Bee Cave, Texas that represents clients who are suing others for child support or are being sued for child support. If a client needs advice from Child Support Attorneys Bee Cave TX, the law firm is available.