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When Should You Contact Personal Injury Lawyers In Pittsburgh PA?

An individual is often faced with the decision of whether they should contact Personal Injury Lawyers in Pittsburgh PA after an accident. If an individual was a victim of a negligent or careless act and was injured, they should contact a personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible. Vital evidence can be lost or altered by the police, insurance company, or at the scene, and this is critical to winning a case.

Personal injuries can arise from automobile, truck, motorcycle, boat, or premises liability accidents. If a vehicle is repaired quickly without the appropriate pictures being taken, it could lead to problems in proving a case. Skid marks on the highway can disappear due to traffic or repaving of the highway.

At The Scene

At the scene of an accident, the victim should try to document or remember as much as possible about their surroundings. In a car accident, they should document the time, date, make, model and color of the vehicle. They should obtain the other driver’s insurance, registration, and driver’s license information.

A victim should never admit fault on the scene because it could be documented by the police and used against them. It is highly recommended that a victim receives medical treatment straight from the scene of the accident. A victim’s adrenaline is usually very high, and although they may not feel immediate pain, even a slow speed accident can cause injury to someone’s neck or back.

Returning Home

Once an individual returns home, the insurance company of the negligent party will call within one or two days to “check up” on the victim. During this call, the insurance company will ask to record the conversation, and the victim should refuse. The best way to eliminate this problem is to contact a Personal Injury Lawyers in Pittsburgh PA as soon as they have received their initial medical treatment.

It is very important for a victim to have their rights protected during this difficult time. Their focus should be on healing and follow through with all of their medical treatment. Contact the Law Offices Of Hall & Copetas and let them handle all of the negotiations in obtaining a fair settlement for your injuries.