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When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Kenosha WI Is Advisable

A large majority of cases handled by a Personal Injury Lawyer in Kenosha WI end with a settlement that has been negotiated between the attorney and an insurance company, or another liable party. In a small number of situations, settlement negotiations are unsuccessful. The lawyer files a lawsuit and the case heads to trial for litigation. Even then, settlements often are arranged before the trial date arrives.

The Basic Settlement Factors

The settlement, at its most basic, includes payment for all related medical expenses as well as lost wages. If the person has been able to use vacation days, sick days and personal days to keep an income stream going for a while, the employer should be reimbursed in the settlement so the employee does not lose those days to the injury.

Automotive Insurance Settlements

If the injury resulted in a car accident caused by another driver, that person’s automotive insurance company will probably pay the healthcare bills and lost wages without issue. That is how those cases usually are handled.

Problems arise when the insurer finds reason to dispute the case or blame the individual who was injured. In some instances, the expenses are higher than the maximum amount of the insurance policy and the at-fault driver has enough assets to pay the balance directly. In these circumstances, hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Kenosha WI is advisable. Repairs to the vehicle or replacement if it was a total loss is covered by the property damage part of the policy.

Premises Liability Settlements

Slip-and-fall incidents at retail stores and other commercial enterprises also may be covered without any conflicts. The business has insurance for this purpose and does not want any negative word-of-mouth publicity about being uncooperative after someone is hurt on the premises.

Sometimes, though, a business or its insurer disputes the claim, insisting the injured person was partly or mostly at fault. Some corporations have a history of this behavior, and they can be skilled at blaming the victim. In those cases, hiring a law firm such as Schoone Leuck Kelley Pitts & Pitts S.C. is necessary to obtain deserved compensation.